AVG 8.0 Free Vs. Avast home edition free

  raziel08 14:29 11 Mar 2009

Hi i currently use AVG 8.0 free on my vista laptop and have used it for some years however after learning that it doesn't offer full protection against items such as rootkits i began to search the forums where there are a few people who recommend Avast which does offer protection against rootkits.

So should i switch to Avast free edition? and will it work well with vista. i am also looking for another free simple interfaced non obtrusive firewall to replace the standard windows firewall. Can you recommend one?

(Ps i have looked at COMODO twice but can't get the hang of it)

  Ventad 14:33 11 Mar 2009

I used to use AVG (up to and including ver 8) but Moved over to AVAST FREE on hearing the forum saying it was good it works well on Vista and I would not go back to AVG ,

  raziel08 18:57 11 Mar 2009

To be honest i'm happy with AVG as it is miles better than norton which i had installed before however as i have said it doesn't provide me with good basic protection like AVAST seems to.

Will move to AVAST then and give it a go.
Thanks for your response

  raziel08 10:28 12 Mar 2009

By the way do you know if AVAST will work with threatfire? I'm trying to build up a free security suite.

  brundle 15:34 13 Mar 2009

"Since no single application is currently foolproof, a layered defense provides the most complete protection. ThreatFire is the perfect complement to your existing antivirus, and will protect you between antivirus updates. It is fully compatible with most traditional antivirus programs, and can run side-by-side with these programs without conflict. While the traditional programs will protect only against known threats included in their signatures, ThreatFire goes beyond and protects against new or unknown zero-day threats as well."

click here

  raziel08 16:57 13 Mar 2009

Thanks for that link brundle.

Do you know if it works with AVG or AVAST without conflicts?

I uninstalled AVG and installed AVAST however it was reported as being out of date. i couldn't update it either. This might have been because i had COMODO installed which was blocking it. I will give it another go.

Can you recommend an easy to use firewall and spyware scanner?

  brundle 19:25 13 Mar 2009

I don't know for sure - a few posts here seem to say it's ok (click here). You can always uninstall it if you do experience problems. I don't use AVG myself and wouldn't recommend it anymore so I won't comment on that.

People seem to like the Comodo firewall - if you find it a bit too much perhaps the Sunbelt Kerio firewall would be a better choice - be careful to select Advanced mode during installation, in Simple mode it only checks incoming traffic and doesn't warn you about anything. You'll have to put up with a flurry of pop-ups at first like any firewall, but once you've allowed what's neccessary it will quieten down.

Superantispyware or Malwarebytes Antimalware for spyware scanning. I would recommend Spywareblaster too, if you primarily use Internet Explorer for browsing.
All available if you click here

  raziel08 20:24 13 Mar 2009

ok thank you for your recommendations.
I will try that firewall and hopefully it will be better than others that i have tried.

I have used AVG happily for a few years but will move to AVAST for the added protection from rootkits. hopefully Threatfire will work with it no probs.

will try spywareblaster as well. i assume its free?

  rdave13 22:04 13 Mar 2009

I prefer Pc Tools firewall plus; click here , simple to use compared to the over bloated Comodo, in my humble opinion. Avast is excellent and also the rest that brundle recommends.

  Covergirl 12:33 19 Mar 2009

and I've had no problems since XP.

I've used Windows firewalls (of different flavours) since about 2007 when I ditched Zone Alarm for being too obtrusive. Also I use Windows Defender.

I've had one or two virus alerts from AVG but nothing has got through far enough to cause damage.

On one occasion I wasn't sure which AVG button to click so I disconnected, deleted all temp files, history & coookies etc and rebooted. No problems.

Obviously I could potentially be sitting on a pit of malware which hasn't activated itself yet. Ha Ha !

Touch wood, I don't know why I don't get viruses, spam, rootkits, malware etc. as I do occassionally stumble upon the odd dodgy site.

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