Available Physical Memory Windows 10

  auke1993 13:01 01 Dec 2016

Available Physical Memory is much lower than my Total Physical Memory. I am running 64-bit Windows 10. Any help for this?

  Burn-it 15:26 01 Dec 2016

Available after ALL the Windows, drivers, resident programs, caches, have grabbed what they need. In any case available memory is a dynamic figure and includes the swap file.

  auke1993 09:11 02 Dec 2016

Yea I understand that, but isnt the number too low?

  alanrwood 11:17 02 Dec 2016

No not really. What program are you using to obtain the figures you show above.

  rdave13 14:25 02 Dec 2016

Your virtual memory setting seems a bit low. Same set-up but with 16 GB virtual memory with 11 GB available virtual. System managed.

Total physical 7.84 GB with 4 GB available.

  Burn-it 16:41 03 Dec 2016

If it was making the BEST use of physical memory there should be NONE. Then when you do something it should shuffle memory use around between tasks.

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