Automatic Repair Loop (Windows 10)

  CharlieGF 21:09 23 Jun 2017

So I had an issue with my PC the other day, I had too many things open and the thing became totally unresponsive, so I had to do a force shutdown. When I turned it back on right after, I got the infamous "startup repair couldn't repair your PC" message. I've tried all the options provided from this point. Reset your PC? Always fails at 13%, reverts the changes and says "There was a problem resetting this PC, no changes were made". Continue to Windows 10/ restart PC? Both bring me back to exactly the same point. "Startup repair" fails every single time. System image recovery, system restore, and going back to previous build are no help - there's none on my hard drive. I've researched all the command prompt stuff, nothing helped there either. The computer just finds away around all that I'm trying to do and it's exhausting. Anybody know what to do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:53 24 Jun 2017

Download and make the win 10 boot media on DVD or USb and boot from that to do your repairs

click here

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