Auto-play BDEDrive (E) incessant pop-up help!

  cabzcabze 12:51 04 Nov 2015


I recently upgraded up Windows 10 but then downgraded to Windows 7 after I found it to be incompatible with a number of things I have to use for university. Since downgrading, often when I turn my laptop on I get Auto-play pop-ups for a BDE drive every few seconds. I have tried to Google this and know the BDE drive is a partition and also that I can turn off Auto-play but would really like a proper solution rather than work round and also reassurance that I haven't got a significant problem with my laptop as I use it for university and it is essential! Thank you in advance for any advice you can provide!

  chub_tor 15:38 04 Nov 2015
  cabzcabze 17:23 04 Nov 2015

Thanks for that - I had seen threads about removing the BDE drive but didn't understand whether it was ok to do so and what impact it might have on my laptop if I did?

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