Audiodg.exe is causing speakers’ sound malfunctioning

  Bassoo7 16:29 16 Dec 2013

While listening to anything on my laptop or playing games, the sound from the speakers’ just stops randomly

To get it back to work, I either:

  • Kill audiodg.exe process

  • Disable and re-enable speakers from the list of playback devices

  • Restart Computer

What I have already done trying to resolve the problem:

  • Uninstall/Re-install Sound Drivers

  • Check for Updates for sound drivers

  • Perform a Full System Scan with both Avast Internet Security and MalwareBytes PRO

  • Replace my audiodg.exe file from another PC’s

  • Full Scan with DllSuite for dll problems

  • sfc /scannow

Additional informations:

  • this never happens while using plugged-in headphones, meaning the sound never stops randomly

  • The higher volume the quicker the sound stops.

  alanrwood 10:33 17 Dec 2013

Sounds like either a faulty speaker (if you only have a single one, unusual I appreciate) or the speaker socket switches are going faulty. If you plug a set od headphones into their socket it operates ca switch which disconnects the connection to the speakers. When you remove the headphones the switch contacts close again. I would suppose that the springiness in the contact has been lost and the contact is poor. When a loud sound is produced it vibrates the switch contact which opens and then closes again. Try opening the case and looking at it. It may also benefit from the contacts being cleaned with "Contact Kleena" on the other hand it may not and require a replacement socket.

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