Audio volume auto adjusts after playing a paused video

  MylesChuahiock 15:29 26 Feb 2015

Got a realtek hd audio manager update for my ASUS laptop running on Winows 8.1 recently.

While my laptop was fine playing at volume level 100 before the update, it seems that the update has made my max volume without clipping (aka capable for my laptop speakers without sounding like its going to break) 40. When I bring it 100, it sounds like my laptop speakers are going to break/explode.

The problem is now whenever I pause a video on google chrome, select another window like a coding text editor, and replay the video, the volume of the video is doubled.

I adjust the volume bar on the task bar. It reverts back to volume before I paused it. The volume value doesn't adjust itself either. At 30 when I paused the video, still 30 when I played the video. Volume just magically doubles.

Any thoughts?

  Hackware 15:59 26 Feb 2015

I don't know much about windows 8.1 but i know about windows if the thing is common in your windows 8.1 with my windows 7 then it is well and good.. 1.) click on the volume controler button (present on the taskbar,beside clock) 2.)A volume controller pop-up will open .bottom of this you'll find an option called as'mixer' on that 3.)and now fromt their you can control the volumes GOOD LUCK!.. :)

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