Audio stops & internet ivdeos stop playing

  Alko1990 14:36 26 Dec 2016


Ive been trying to fix a problem with my laptop for a long time. Ive figured out that it might be an audio problem. Ive scouered the internet for a solution but nothign seem to work. The problem is pretty simple and simple to work around but very annoying

When watching youtube videos or videos on any other site, they stop working, at the same time I also notice that my sound stops working as well. A simple reboot helps fix the problem , but recently the issue comes more often ( 5 min after reboot). When rebooting i also have to force close "windows shut down sound" or els the pc wont reboot.

Ive made a simple workournd where i reboot explorer.exe but it only helps 50% of the time.

Ive updated all my drivers, virus scanned and malware scanned my pc, ive also cleaned my registry.

I Notice that Windows audio service is stuck on "starting" status sometimes.

Any suggestion on what to do here? might be a Audosrv issue?

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