Audio problems when playing games please help

  treyfive 19:31 18 Apr 2018

I'm having a giant problem regarding my PC audio when playing video games in particular. Whenever I start playing any game anywhere from 5-15 minutes after starting, an audio static will just take over. Sometimes all other sound cuts out and sometimes other sounds will still be there but faintly under the static. Sometimes the static persists through the entire game (and back into the menus between games), and sometimes it fades out after a few minutes to leave the game silent with no sound at all. This also can happen when I'm simply watching videos on youtube, although the static isn't as loud and the sound is relatively okay. I've tried almost everything from updating all kinds of drivers to fiddling around with the settings on the sound and nothing works.

If anyone knows that the problem is please reply I need to fix this ASAP.

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