Attempting Raid in Win 7

  BobG65 19:41 16 Jun 2010


I have just finished a build of new rig.
I installed Win 7 on a single WD 250gb Sata drive, all went very well. But, I then added 2 x WD 500gb Sata drives that I want to set up as a RAID 1 array. The raid controller is built into the MB (Asus M4A87TD EVO).

I have tried:- Setting the drives to RAID in bios, Win 7 would not start. I ran disk manager and set the disks as active. Both are reported in disk manager but do not appear in either Win 7 explorer or ASUS raid expert (a utillity on the MB CD rom)

Can anyone give me a clue as to what to try next.

Many thanks Bob Gray

  a member 10:29 17 Jun 2010

I have been biulding PCs for around 8 years now and most ofthem have been raid (0) stripe ,I allways buy Gigabyte boards ,but the principles are the same . however without having the manual for your board in front of me I could well guess way off the mark .
first of all why do you have your os on a single drive and then attempt to create a mirrored raid array (1) , this would not protect the drive with the OS on ,only what data went on to the array .(duplicated) .
in effect your setup would create (if you could) an OS on the 250gb ,and keep 500gb for data ,backed up (duplicated )
some golden rules are to format the drives to be used individually before creating the array ,if its for data only make sure the array is not made bootable.
I have never used Raid(1) ,prefering to use
Raid (0) for speed ,I must have Biult 40+ PCs in the last couple of years and most on Raid(0) ,never lost a drive to date.
be patient and write down whatever you try ,when I first started I often spent hours going over the same things ,and not seeing the obvious .
sorry I cant be of more help at the moment , If I have time later I will download the manual for your model and see what is possible ,there are so many raid chips out there these days and often methods are different to achieve the same result.
good luck . post back of you solve it ,it may help others in the same predicament .

  BobG65 11:04 17 Jun 2010

Thanks for the response. There was some logic to my wish for a 500gb raid array as I edit video and need that sort of space for render and clip files. I am beginning to think I should have installed the 500gb drives when installing win 7 but I will dig further.

Thanks for the info.


  a member 13:24 17 Jun 2010

I would remove the drives and then put them back one at a time ,each time format them (logical) not primary .
once they are both installed and showing up in windows as extra partitions or drives ,then enable Raid in bios and set up the array (non bootable).
that should work ok.

  BobG65 19:02 17 Jun 2010


Many thanks, I'll try that and let you know.

  BobG65 23:20 21 Jun 2010


I have done it all in Win 7. I took your advice and deleted both drives, I was then given the option (right clicked on one drive) of setting them up as a Stripped, Mirrored or RAID 5 configuration. I expect there is a performance hit by going the s/w route but it works.

Many thanks for your help.


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