Asus windows 10 and outlook email

  Daisy22 22:27 07 Jul 2016

I loaded up the new laptop windows 10 didn't want to have a password so disabled that. Set up a new outlook email account as requested. Then after a couple of hours after going into sleep mode when I started it up it is showing my name, the new outlook email account and asks for the password. After several attempts for the last 2 days I am locked out because I'm getting error messages saying its the wrong password. I've spent most of today online chatting to several microsoft support staff, we've tried resetting the password that hasn't worked, as a last resort they took remote access and downloaded a bootable programme to do a clean wipe, but we couldnt do it because the support wasn't sure how to do it for my particular machine.

Now I've been told to wait a couple of days then contact them again when they will try to reset the outlook password.

So far I am left with a new machine, only switched on yesterday that I can't get into. I've checked the microsoft community and found many posts from people who get locked out so it must be a common problem.

It used to be so easy in windows 7. Any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:28 07 Jul 2016

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