ASUS P4PE motherboard - SoundMAX drivers

  Happy37 11:15 27 Oct 2009

Hi all

As the title says above, I was having trouble with the generic Windows 7 drivers for the above with my Windows 7 Pro installation.

I have now gone back to Windows XP Pro, and all is well.

My question is:-

Has anyone found Vista or Windows 7 drivers for the above, please?

Any links?

Would a BIOS update do the trick or not?

Thanks in advance.


  bremner 12:04 27 Oct 2009

Here is a W7 64 bit driver click here

or you could try this click here

  Happy37 12:07 27 Oct 2009

Hi bremner

Thanks for this - am at work at the moment, so will download at home and try in due course.

Will let you know hiw it gies.

Thanks again.


  Happy37 08:29 28 Oct 2009

Hi bremner

Good morning - have downloaded the driver from the 1st link that you provided.

Will try the driver on a new install of Win 7 and will let you know how it goes.....

Thanks again.


  siouxah1 11:09 28 Oct 2009

Hello Happy37.

If those fail to work let Win7 do the work.

Not quite the same, but I have an old ASUS P4P800 and had the same problem. Could not find a driver anywhere.(Soundmax)

I left it as not working. However after a few days Win7 update had automatically found drivers and now all is well.

  Happy37 10:53 29 Oct 2009


Thanks for your advice.

I will be installing Windows 7 Pro again on a test HDD tonight and will see what drivers are picked up...will post back and let everyone know how it all goes...

Thanks again...



  Happy37 23:07 29 Oct 2009

Siouxah1 and others

The drivers were picked up by Windows 7 Update, but after installing these. my PC started going into an endless cycle of reboots with several BSODs...

The message states:-


The driver as shown on this page is:-


So, what do you think that I should do? - shall I uninstall the Win7 driver and try the certified/WHQL signed Windows XP one from the ASUS website instead?

The description and link for that driver:-

SoundMAX Audio Driver version WHQL for Windows 98/ME/2K/XP


click here

Any thoughts regarding this, please?

And should I also install this driver on Win XP even though all is working well?

Or should I leave it as "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it"?

The driver version for SoundMAX as I'm using at the moment in Win XP is Version, dated 01/02/2005.

All responses welcome.

Thanks in advance.


  ambra4 01:08 30 Oct 2009

Download Device Doctor 1.0

Device Doctor scans your Computer Hardware and checks to see if there are new driver updates

available for your devices.

It also locates drivers for Unidentified Devices in the Windows Device Manager.

click here

  Happy37 19:29 30 Oct 2009


Thanks for this link...I have now downloaded the driver as suggested by Device Doctor, and will see if I can install that instead of the driver already being used by Windows 7 Pro.

I am still getting BSODs complaining about the driver smwdm.sys.

Will post back to let you know how it goes...thanks again.


  Happy37 07:27 31 Oct 2009

To leet you know that I am now using the driver version Version, dated 01/02/2005 in Windows 7 Pro, and all is working well.

I haven't had any blue screens complaining about any drivers in Windows 7 since installing that version.

However, to contrast this, I have installed a later version of the driver as suggested by Device Doctor in Windows XP - this is vesion, dated 28/03/2005, and this works very well?

Funny how the later driver works well in the older OS, but the newer driver version 5410 throws a wobbly in the newer OS?!

Will continue to monitor in the meantime tio see how this goes...thanks again fotr the links and help.

Any more thoughts?

  Happy37 07:29 31 Oct 2009

typos - tio should read to, and fotr should read for...

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