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ASP.NET Machine account is now my Administrator

  bebche85 11:59 19 Oct 2015

So I made a lot of mess on my new Windows 10.I wanted to play FarmVille 2.Because its free on Windows 10.Microsoft wanted from me to make an account.I did it.And then when I turn off my PC .It wanted for me password from my account to log in to my computer.I wanted to change the settings and to remove the account.But I made that Microsoft account Standard type and Accidentally I made the hidden account named ASP.NET Machine account to be my administrator.So this ASP.NET Machine is now my administrator it is password protected and I cant do nothing on my computer .Are there any ideas how to fix this?Don't know If this is the forum to write this.Sorry from my English.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 19 Oct 2015

Enable the Hidden Admin account from command prompt and use that to remove the password from the Aspnet account make the aspnet account a guest account and make your account an administrator.

This advice is for windows 8 but should also work in 10.

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