Ask me if I'm sure when I delete a file

  stu.anim 15:42 13 Jan 2017

I accidentally pressed delete while an important file was selected. It without asking and the recycle bin is empty. How do I make that not happen in future? i.e send it to the recycle bin or ask me if i'm sure?

"Don't move files to the recycling bin. Remove files immediately when deleted" is unchecked in recycle bin properties.

I would also be grateful if anyone has any idea how to retrieve the file. To complicate things it was deleted from a USB memory stick just before I was about to back things up.

I'm using Windows 10. Thank you.

  stu.anim 15:44 13 Jan 2017

The second sentence should read "It deleted without asking and the recycle bin is empty"

  wee eddie 20:02 13 Jan 2017

When uninstalling from a USB Stick, as it is not on the PC, it will not go to the Recycle Bin. That's just how Windows works.

However, if you have not already overwritten it, a free program like Recuva, from Piriform, the same people as CCleaner, should be able to recover it.

  Burn-it 01:33 14 Jan 2017

Or Testdisk!!

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