Are you using Vista now?

  Zero G 16:47 10 Feb 2007

So if you are, what do you think of it?
Was the whole process of using it flawless for the first time?
If you have an upgrade version is everything compatable with your pc's hardware?
How many would you give it out of 100??

  Gizmo2005 18:13 10 Feb 2007

Yep using Vista ultimate 64 for three weeks now on a Nforce4 setup, with no problems all my old software (32bit) runs so smoothly, the only software I couldn’t get to work is a screensaver program ( the marine tropical fish one)

Hardware drivers have been very good the only thing I couldn’t get to work was my Speedtouch 330 ADSL modem ( the drivers for which are going to be released in March) so instead of waiting for Speedtouch I bought a Billion BiPAC 5200 4-Port ADSL2+ Modem/Router, and it’s far better and faster than the Speedtouch modem.

One pleasant surprise my old and trusty Samsung printer (ML1250) plugged it in and Vista 64 recognised it (nice one)

If you go down the vista route check before you buy that the drivers for your system is available, more and more are coming every day.

Marks out of 100, I would give Vista ultimate 64 (90) simply as it was so easy to install round 15/20 from when I put in the DVD and had no problems in the past 3 weeks .

  anskyber 18:23 10 Feb 2007

Yes I am. Day 4 for me. I did an update install so at the end all my files and programs were there.

The install took about 2 hours and various driver updates were done automatically. I have a couple of non compliant bits of software one of which prevented IE7 from firing up. I had to use Firefox until I discovered which one it was. My security suite of choice ZoneAlarm is still not out for Vista so I am using the various free offerings until it is.

If I had it to do over again I would but if you have many programs, particularly older ones I would do a back up and go for the "clean install" option offered by the upgrade route and yes you are given that option during install. It's easier to add programs one by one afterwards to test them and identify problems.

My printer, scanner, web cam and other hardware worked first time. The drivers were found as part of the install.

I like it a lot. The graphics do have a WOW factor about them and it all feels very shiny. It's very intuitive to use and the Control Panel deserves a particular mention, it's all there and simple to understand. If you had never used a PC before Vista is easier to pick up than XP, excellent though XP is. The search/command facility in the start area is a revelation.

It's clear that some drivers will still need to be improved but my 4 day experience has been with a stable OS which is good to work with. It will get better but at the moment I am very pleased indeed with Vista and glad I paid what is a silly price for the pleasure.

Given that no OS is perfect, no not even a Mac, it's hard to score but if the dependable XP scores 80% then Vista kicks in at 95% for me.

  Zero G 19:12 10 Feb 2007

Cheers for that both of you.
The reason i asked is that i'm installing it on a friends pc next week so am interested in what current users think about it.

  Ashrich 23:02 10 Feb 2007

Had Vista Home Premium running since Tuesday , no problems at all , did a clean install , it fetched anything I needed , got my scanner working ( had to download drivers myself for that ) printer was recognised right away , and also downloaded the correct stuff to synchronise my IPaq with Vista Sync Centre , only thing I find odd , as it is also on my small network is that it says , sometimes not always , that it is only connected to the network and not the internet , even now , while I am sending this post , while connected to the internet !!

  Input Overload 23:29 10 Feb 2007

Well I think it’s brilliant, I’ve had it on for five days or so. I did have problems in the beginning finding out which programs work & which don’t. I had problems with my Cd ripper which I solved today by downloading a free Vista compatible ripper. I was disappointed that there isn’t really a working 3rd party firewall, & ended up using the Ok built in firewall. Overall it loads faster than XP & totally stable & runs well, great stuff MS!

BTW I was impressed by Vista finding mainboard drivers without any fuss & even installing my Canon printer driver, & after installation the device manager was clean with no yellow exclamation marks.

  pk46 01:49 11 Feb 2007

Vista has compatability problems on older software
WHERE HAS THE COMPATABILITY MODE GONE?? it was on all the beta versions i used,Lexmark and Visioneer are late with Vista drivers,today i had to reinstall WXP because i was unable to use my printer or scanner under vista.
Vista works fine on my other computer i use Canon printer and scanner on that computer.

  anskyber 02:11 11 Feb 2007

Have a look in Control Panel, Programs heading and select "Use an older program with this version of Windows" under the Programs and Features heading.

  pk46 13:28 11 Feb 2007

Many thanks for that.

  Kate B 14:00 11 Feb 2007

I had a slightly painful process getting Vista on my rig, as many of you know, but it's been worth it. I really like it. I haven't installed everything yet and I suspect my scanner might be a problem but so far *touches wood* everything has been great.

Only issue so far is that as yet there's no SLI support for my graphics cards, but Nvidia assures me it will be there soon.

  Zero G 15:42 11 Feb 2007

All interesting views, please keep them coming:)

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