Are partitions necessary now?

  Rutlander 18:26 24 Apr 2012

I am thinking of replacing my old Dell using XP, with a modern one. I partitioned the old one so the OS & programs were on one partition & documents on the other. I suppose this will not be necessary with the large hard drives available now? I don't foresee having any problems backing up the documents. What do others think?

  john bunyan 19:15 24 Apr 2012

I much prefer to have separate partitions for System , programmes etc and another for data. I think it makes backing up so much quicker and easier. I have put all my data , including Outlook, in folders and sub folders of " My Documents" on my data partition, and use Freefilesynch or SynchToy to back them up with a mirror image daily - takes only a few minutes. I use ATI to make images weekly of the system partition. (Both on other drives). I do occasionally clone the whole drive to yet another back up.

  john bunyan 19:20 24 Apr 2012

PS also unless one is heavily into video or games, I would rather have 2 x 500gig drives than one Tb one.

  tullie 21:52 24 Apr 2012

Many people will say no.

  Rutlander 10:29 25 Apr 2012

Thank you all for your responses. Maybe a new pc would be already partitioned? I think I would have to upgrade my ATI 10 to work with W7 but I understand W7 has it's own imaging facility so I will probably use that.

  sharpamat 13:56 25 Apr 2012

I find that when a problem happens, It is far easier to use the systems own tools to check and repair.

Backing us large partions even with Win 7 own imaging facility ( I use a 2TB external for this ) requires a lot of space. With one single partion if a fault develops without a backup everything is lost.

I tend to use a regulare Backup useing Windows own Easy Transfer, Supported by regular system images.In the event of compleat failour both are covered

  Rutlander 14:28 25 Apr 2012

Sorry, I should have mentioned that I back up to an external disk and/or dvds.

  john bunyan 14:33 25 Apr 2012

My ATI 2010 works ok on W7. Some laptops are pre partitioned; W7 does have its own imaging but I found it slow and prefer ATI. I have my PC(s) partitioned 100Gig for systems, programmes, balance for data. If you intend to partition the new pc, I would do it before installing other programmes.Easeus is a good tool, sometimes on free offer.Have a look Here

  Forum Editor 22:57 26 Apr 2012

It makes excellent sense to partition a drive so that there's a separate partition for data file storage.

It makes things easier if it's necessary to reinstall or upgrade the operating system.

  Rutlander 12:35 27 Apr 2012

Thanks all

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