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April 17 Update on Windows 8 name and versions

  sharpamat 08:15 17 Apr 2012

This give a lot of information.But still does not answer the question Does it have the classic start menu, ir is this now gone

  sharpamat 08:37 18 Apr 2012

Windows 8 Blog is alive with UNCONFIRMED information. It seem that in general. the classic start menu has gone,

Only Windows 7 Versions ( excluding Ultimate ) will be able to Upgrade Fully to Win 8.

Win Xp ony the User setting will be transfered, And Vista Files and settings but not applications.

Some versions of Win 8 May not have WMP,

For my use it looks like a No Go.But wait and see

There is a Renamed Server Version " Windows Server 2012 " a beta is available for download

  sharpamat 07:49 24 Apr 2012

I have just had information ( unconfirmed ) that the Windows 8 RC will be made available the first week of June

This also seems to indicate the final Versions will could be as earlt as Sept/Oct this year

  Forum Editor 22:54 26 Apr 2012

"I have just had information ( unconfirmed ) that the Windows 8 RC will be made available the first week of June"

Microsoft announced this three days ago. The Release Candidate will be available for download during the first week in June. The final version is slated for release in October.

  sharpamat 06:58 27 Apr 2012

Thanks for the confirmation FE

  sharpamat 08:28 05 May 2012

The latest from Microsoft is that Windows media Centre will only be available in Win 8 as a download. that option will not be to basic users only higher versions.

Whilst WMP will be in all versions it will not have support For DVDs

As an end user this again makes me ask myself is Win 8 a viable option to Pay for or upgrade to

Perhaps the FE could add to this

  morddwyd 18:34 05 May 2012

I;m still trying to give it a go, but so far I don't think it will be for me, unless the RC has enough updates to make me change my mind.

  sharpamat 07:04 06 May 2012
  sharpamat 07:07 09 May 2012

The latest on Win 8 seems to be dealing more with business users more than home users, however its presumed that some of these will be members

  sharpamat 08:12 16 May 2012

The latest information ( which have been accurate so far ) seems to deal with upgrading from Win 7 to Win 8 Pro at a very low price for pre-realease purchases

  sharpamat 08:14 22 May 2012

More news from Microsoft The main point is Metro is the only way foward in OS.Plus the reasons way. Microsoft has now doned its big Brother role in choosing what is best for us a lot of interesting facts about Windows 8 like what to not expect in the Windows 8 Release Preview.

After reading this It put me in the mind of the old lemmings game where all have to follow one. perhaps they have forgotten the end which they are all destroyed

Many will buy if the price is reight, however how many will use it as their main OS

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