Application Font to small in Windows 7

  buumon 04:50 17 Sep 2013

(is really grrr..I tried asking on another forum and all I got was flat out ignored and my posts deleted)

I can't deal with ubber small font. windows 7 is a nightmare on that. My monitor is flatscreen and big (if that matters)

Anyways I have the DPI adjusted to a rate I can deal with, at least in regards to the internet, control panels and stuff like that.

My problem, my very very huge problem, is downloaded programs won't follow that DPI. Photoshop, Sai, and Aim in part (the window and text size of messaging is fine, but settings of aim is ubber small)

Anyways can someone tell me how to fix this so ALL the fonts are big enough for me on this? I've tried everything I can think of at this point. Display properties, DPI, running the programs in 650x(that makes it super huge and unworkable) I saw that there was a way to force programs to NOT display in 95 DPI...but they was over my head so bad.

I need... help and explanation of how I can fix this, in the simplest easiest terms possible please of how to make my art programs and such big text everywhere. Otherwise I'll have to give up my art and coloring on my pet sites. (Yeah I'm a adult and do dumb things like that) because trying to work with such small text gives me eye migraines and headaches...

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