Apacer external hard drive

  plam 09:25 02 Feb 2012


I have an Apacer AC202 500GB external HD. As in one point of time my drive stop working properly I decided to reformatted. I follow up the steps on the tutorial but not along after the formatting process start its seems that the HD follow asleep and a message ” formatting cannot be complete ” pop up. If I do a quick format there isnt any problem and the HD is ready for a use in a seconds but Im sure that Ive got some bad sectors and Im afraid that the quick format will not fix them. I hope that someone could give me an advise of what to do. By the way my laptop is using windows 7 as OS.

Thanks Pam

  john bunyan 11:07 02 Feb 2012

I had a problem with an external HD where I had accidently dropped it and in the end I could not fix it. Have you, by any chance, dropped it? If not, I would try running a defrag using either the windows 7 one or, preferably, Auslogics free one. If there are only a few bad sectors maybe you can ignore them.


  plam 11:19 02 Feb 2012

Thanks for your reply. I dont remember dropping it. What you suggest to do the quick formatting and then to do a defrag on it? Is this will fix the bad sector? When it was 80% full with movies and files after I was connecting it with the laptop always pop ups the scan window which wanted me to do a scan to the drive for fixing bad sectors and each time when I was starting couldnt really completed it as the drive was becoming non responding that's why I'm trying to formatted now.

  john bunyan 11:37 02 Feb 2012

Windows comes with a built-in hard disk utility software that scans your hard disk for errors and attempts to fix them. 1.On My Computer, select the disk drive that you want to diagnose and repair. 2.Right click on it and select Properties 3.Go to Tools tab. 4.Click on the "Check Now" button under "Error Checking Status". 5.Depending up on your choice, choose either "Automatically fix file system errors" or "Scan for and Attempt Recovery of Bad Sectors." 6.Then click on Start.

  plam 08:42 03 Feb 2012


I follow your instruction and it work! I could preform the scan without no problems as before at the moment the scan started, after not much of time, the drive was not responding. Thanks

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