Anyone out there with an answer regarding passwords

  Peter4961 17:04 29 Jan 2013

I registered a Microsoft account ages ago using my current e mail address and a password which I have forgotten. Microsoft won't allow me to open another account which is understandable but, each time I go through the process where they send me a link, I end up with an e mail from them which has no content at all, just a blank page. It has happened about 4 times now. I recently changed to W8 and it would be nice, I think, to use the Microsoft software but obviously I cant. Apart from opening a new account with another e mail address and using an assumed name, I don't know what to do.

  dont use one 17:33 29 Jan 2013

most of these companies as stupid they have no way to use common brain, i have 2 Skype old accounts but cant access as the email (isp) has gone or taken over so i have now way to recover and after 2 hours on phone they refuse to help so i just create a new one so they have loads rubbish unused accounts. i also know some one that now has 7 Skype accounts as tehy cant recover old passwords that were lost when they changed computers. seems any of these that remember the password are ok until you up grade and if you have not had to remember password for a year or two you've had it.

they are not interested in helping any one.

  Peter4961 20:16 29 Jan 2013

Tried that already using actual details as I would like it all to tie in with my e-mails but it recognised my username which is also my e mail address and wouldn't let me create a new account. Thanks anyway

  dont use one 07:26 30 Jan 2013

Do you bot have another email you can use? if not just create one with Gmail or Yahoo

  rdave13 10:11 30 Jan 2013

Try setting up in . Just shorten or change your name slightly.

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