anyone know of any Vista Compatable Firewalls

  Python33 19:38 13 Apr 2007

i have recently got a new Vista laptop with the dreaded Norton installed, it doesnt affect the system as much as it did on XP, but i still hate Norton. i found out from another thread that Avast has become Vista compatable & im happy now, but Zone alarm is not yet. i looked at comodo but the website doesnt say if its Vista compatable.
Anyone know of any GOOD firewall's that are Compatable? then i can remove Norton at last.

  Totally-braindead 19:52 13 Apr 2007

Vista has a built in Firewall that blocks incomming and outgoing ( unlike XPs chocolate teapot one) so why not just use that?

  Python33 19:58 13 Apr 2007

do you mean Windows Defender or the actual Windows Firewall in the security section? either way i didnt know how reliable they are, i used to use zone alarm & couldnt fault it so i guess i have similar expectations. & so far not convinced yet?

  Totally-braindead 20:11 13 Apr 2007

I did mean the windows firewall, defender is something completely different. As far as I know theres nothing wrong with it.
Unless someone else knows better.
Mind you some say a Firewall is not essential anyway. I use one because its free.

  Python33 20:14 13 Apr 2007

thanks for that, i used zone alarm cause it was free & very good at stopping intrusions.
i also had AVG Antispyware that was very good but again its not Vista compatable. so i might try spybot search & destroy.

  Totally-braindead 20:24 13 Apr 2007

When Zone Alarm create a Vista ready version you could try it then, in the meantime I don't see anything wrong with using the built in Vista one.

Perhaps someone else will give you a link to another free one that works if you're not keen on it.

  Python33 20:40 13 Apr 2007

thanks for that, i'll keep this thread open for now incase someone has another sugestions.

  anskyber 20:40 13 Apr 2007
  Python33 20:46 13 Apr 2007

Thanks anskyber, i did hear about this site from a colleague, so i might try this & see how it goes.

  SteveWH 21:25 13 Apr 2007

Test the vista one with sheilds up:

click here

  tullie 22:24 13 Apr 2007

Ive tried the pc tools firewall,vista shuts it down.
I seem to recall reading someware that they have withdrawn the vista compatible version,but maybe im wrong?

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