Anyone explain why Vista does this.

  mooly 08:35 10 Jan 2009

When you change something or do something different it "confuses and upsets" things.
Example, super quick start up day after day. Uninstall Internet security package and reinstall new one ( same company ). It's taken a week for the start times to come back down, from around 90 secs to get online, it went to 3 minutes, then day by day comes back down. This seems to happen with any "major" change or major updates.
Another example, use mains power on notebook daily, then use battery. Next reboot, all the desktop icons resize themselves, and this happens everytime I use battery. The icon picture is just a bit ( around 30% )smaller. Everthing else the same. Give it a couple of reboots and it returns to normal. Also the system tray icons get messed up, usual issue, odd ones missing, again return to regular unchanging behaviour and all returns to normal.
I know it's not much to moan at, generally it's pretty good, but it puzzles me.

  tullie 09:34 10 Jan 2009

Dont know the answers but dont know its Vista,more a local problem maybe?

  oldbeefer2 12:54 10 Jan 2009

Doesn't happen to mine.

  mooly 16:56 10 Jan 2009

Well it just wouldn't would it !! Has to be me. Ha Ha !!!
Actually, Iv'e not much to moan at with it, I'd just like to know, that's all. The icons re sizeing themselves is weird. If it's going to do it, they appear at the "normal" size on boot up, the desktop blacks out momentarily and they all reappear a bit smaller. The resolution of the desktop is the same, just the icon picture -- not the text.

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