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Any simple way to automate Windows control panel?

  Bogdanov89 20:15 09 Apr 2019

Can anyone please suggest a simple way to automate doing some various basic config in Windows 7 & 10 like:

  • set power plan in Power Options (control panel) to High Performance
  • set Communications in Sound CP to "Do Nothing"
  • set Visual Effects in Performance Options under System to "adjust for best performance"
  • set the Time Zone under Date & time
  • disable Enhance Pointer Precision under Mouse in Control Panel
  • set all three sliders in Keyboard in CPanel to Short/Fast/Fast
  • set certain services to Automatic like the SSDP Discovery
  • change various new settings in the Windows 10 Settings like disabling Notifications, Game Bar and Focus Assist

Those are examples of some of the CPanel/Settings i need to do on basically every computer i install/reinstall so i would really love a way to "one click" the whole process.

I have tried googling the various related topics but in the vast majority of cases the methods i saw were very complicated and way beyond my knowledge. I am hoping there is some simplistic GUI tool that can make a batch/script or something similar that doesnt require an advanced knowledge of Powershell or Regedit.

Thank you for reading and helping out.

  alanrwood 10:10 10 Apr 2019

Maybe he has many computers. I have 11 and would also consider this useful.

  alanrwood 12:16 10 Apr 2019


If you get a good answer on Bleeping Computers please repost it here and vice versa.

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