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Any news on roll out of Autumn Update?

  john bunyan 20:22 30 Nov 2018

I have Windows 10 version1803 (OS Build 17134.441). I prefer to wait official roll outs rather than insider ones. I am minding a couple of other folks PC's while they are away for a while (Updating, backing up etc). I had hoped to get the new version installed - is it 1809? .

What is the latest on the roll out after it was pulled in October?

Does not seem well publicised.

  mikef. 20:51 30 Nov 2018

It is out, but they are rolling it out gradually, I got it at the beginning of the month, if you do a search you can get it from Microsoft officially if you want it

  john bunyan 20:59 30 Nov 2018

Thanks; I’ll have a look.

  john bunyan 21:59 30 Nov 2018

It seems , if one uses iCloud, necessary to update to the latest version before installing 1809. Will try in next few days.

  qwbos 23:47 30 Nov 2018


When you say you got it, was that through normal check for updates or did you go through here ?

The last I read about it, the phased rollout is tied to your hardware, particularly your CPU. Which CPU do you have?

  mole44 05:06 01 Dec 2018

Golden update with any software updates is to leave it a couple of months whilst bugs are ironed out.

  john bunyan 14:25 01 Dec 2018

Apart from qwbos' link I cannot see a way of updating without going into the development mode.

  MPN1A 18:35 01 Dec 2018

"leave it a couple of months"

Isn't that possible only with 'Pro' not 'Home' versions?

  mikef. 18:57 01 Dec 2018

qwbos I did it through yiur link, took about 2 hours but nice and satable

  john bunyan 20:26 01 Dec 2018


Thanks for wise advice! Will wait for now

  qwbos 00:34 02 Dec 2018


I read an article that explained where the "missing" files had moved to and that MS had provided a fix to relocate them to their original setting. From memory, files only moved if a fairly obscure setting had been changed.


Ok. It would be interesting to see if anybody has had a natural delivery.


I checked my Intel drivers a couple of nights ago thinking old drivers might have been a possible cause of delay in the update being delivered. I was given an updated version of the Intel Driver & Support Assistant which advised that there was no new driver available for me.

Looks like sitting back and waiting would be a good idea.

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