Anti virus software upgrade on windows ten

  zaidaofilford 11:02 09 Nov 2015

I bought your magazine to find out if I had the best free antivirus. In the past I bought such a program, but to upgrade I needed to upgrade my computer. I will not buy that again. So, I read your review and thought OK Avira comes out well. So I tried to install it. No joy. Then I tried Bitdefender - same thing. I am wary of Qihoo. I have a PC running under Windows 10 and am currently using AVG. Why can't I install the other two?

  Govan1x 13:19 09 Nov 2015

You would probably have to uninstall AVG first or at least disable it.

  onthelimit1 20:08 09 Nov 2015

I've had no problems installing Avira on W10 machines. However, why not stick with AVG? As govan1x says, you should always uninstall one AV before trying to install another.

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