Anti Virus Software

  wrg 18:04 14 Jun 2008

Can anyone recommend a free antivirus s/w for vista and also anti spam & firewall.



  mrwoowoo 20:14 14 Jun 2008
  mrwoowoo 20:15 14 Jun 2008

If you have a router,then it's hardware firewall conbined with the vista firewall is perfectly adequate in my opinion.

  rdave13 20:33 14 Jun 2008

Agree with mrwoowoo exept the firewall.
For Vista, Commodo firewall v3, click here . Takes a little time to work out and then you'll lose the nagging screens. Well worth a try.

  skidzy 07:05 15 Jun 2008

Most now work with Vista click here

Regarding the firewall;

Vista has a two way firewall as opposed to xp's one way.

This once configured will give you the protection needed without adding a third party firewall.

Vista's firewall is set by default to give inbound protection only except to the exception of a few filters and rules in the windows services preset and the occasional warning to allow a program through from your computer.

Yes it is easier to use a third party software firewall as configuring Vista's outbound firewall can be mind boggling and not for the faint hearted.

Though i think you will find using Vista's firewall default settings will suffice your needs,though will depend on your surfing habits and downloads.

Here is a good article that will put your mind at rest click here

  wrg 08:25 15 Jun 2008

Thanks for your replies. I only surf the web occassionaly and use my laptop for my e-mails, do not go on dodgy sites. Do you think I am over doing the need for a 3rd party firewall then?

  skidzy 08:36 15 Jun 2008

In my opinion (open to debate) using Vista's firewall is ample coupled with a decent anti virus and Superantispyware and if using a router,enable its Nat firewall.

These should be absolutely fine.However best security is the users surfing and where they download from.

  wrg 09:08 15 Jun 2008


Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded AVG & Spy-Ware terminator with real time protection & I have enabled web guard. I have CC Cleaner. I have enabled widows firewall. Am I covered now? One other thing, I do have a home network which hs an external hard drive on it. I use an automatic backup software with it. Do i need to consider anything else.

Once again thanks for your input.

  skidzy 09:50 15 Jun 2008

I think your pretty much covered wrg.

Though i used to use Spywareterminator,i found it got to much with its nagging.I now use Spywareblaster that sits in the background and blocks the spyware before it gets a chance to try and install.
Spywareblasters database is updated reguraly (manual update needed) and uses very little resources.If you decide to use Spywareblaster,check you enable all protection on all supported browsers.

There are several others you could add,but to me its overkill as some will find things others miss...maybe its just a wee bit of scaremongering.

The setups i use now are all free and no reported problems to date.
setups as follows;

Zonealarm (xp only)
Spybot search and Destroy
PCWizard 2008

In my opinion these are all thats needed,then i recommend Acronis True Image (not free) for a real piece of mind.

  User-1229748 12:24 15 Jun 2008

I would agree with skidzy about spywareblaster,it's a crackin' bit of freeware:)

  wrg 13:47 16 Jun 2008


Thanks for your advice. I have follwed it and will not post as resolved.

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