Anti Virus and Malware protection in Win 8

  iscanut 20:07 23 Sep 2013

I do not use Win 8 ( I have Win 7 ), but a neighbour who is not tech savvy wishes to move to a free AV/Malware program when her Norton expires next month. Can anyone recommend a good one for Win 8 please ?

  aquatarkus 21:02 23 Sep 2013

Windows 8 comes with Windows defender antivirus program already built in, its an updated version of Microsoft Security essentials looks the same but is built into the core of Windows 8, would recommend that the free versions of Malwarebytes and CCleaner are installed as well.

No need for any other antivirus program in win 8.

Regards Aquatarkus

  Mark_Hayward 08:27 24 Sep 2013

I have W8 and also AVG 2013 Free working quite well. Despite other W8 issues. I also reviewed AVAST Free Anti-Virus which is apparently quite good too. I didn't install Avast as I am familiar with AVG in W7 previously.

  rdave13 14:36 24 Sep 2013

A good article here.

  iscanut 18:54 25 Sep 2013

Thanks all, not having Win 8,I was not sure if all the common ones we use would still work with Win 8.

  robwin 18:13 26 Sep 2013

Windows Defender on Win8 is fine and I do visit some dodgy sites sometimes and never had any problems and seems to run very light. A couple of bits of malware does seem to creep in sometimes but I run a scan with Malwarebytes every couple of weeks which takes about 5-10 mins and that clears them out fine.

  steviekm 09:01 27 Sep 2013


Why not install something like the latest version of F-Secure antivirus 2014-this is currently available on a one year free trial, or even the full and latest version of avg internet security 2014 again with a full one year license. Have a look at : click here for these as well as others such as Bitdefender total security 2014 with a free 6 month license. If you have a Facebook account go to the security page and maybe give Webroot a go, this is again with a free 6 month license and is a fantastic choice. Hope this helps and good luck

  Secret-Squirrel 10:57 29 Sep 2013

"In my opinion their Windows Defender is in the same bracket."

Defender is virtually identical to MSE and is best avoided.

Thanks for the link - although we've been saying it for ages, hopefully MSE users will now realise that they're not running the best protection.

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