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Anti-virus gives inaccurate location info

  griffon56 12:46 06 Jul 2018

Hi All, I've recently changed back to AVG from Avast because I was finding Avast too pushy, but now AVG is coming up with dire warnings about people being able to see where I am, etc, etc, but all its info is wrong. If it wasn't alarming it would be laughable. How and why is it doing this, please? Furthermore, from time to time Google searches only bring up replies from the Far East, recommending me to buy my rust-proofing paint from Goolagong Road in North Brisbane where I'll get a good deal, especially this Sunday morning!

  wiganken2 14:51 06 Jul 2018

I believe in the "You don't get anything for nothing" saying so I avoid free security products and choose from the best paid-for products. Reviewers regularly recommend their "Top 10" products so search online but I find that Norton Security (one of the top products) does the job silently in the background and does not bother you with pop-ups. For around £20 per year why bother with the hassle of free products? Surely getting rid of their pop-ups and adverts must be worth £20/year and know that you have a top-of-the-range product?

  griffon56 00:46 07 Jul 2018

Forgive me wiganken2, but your reply was not relevant to my question and the free security software I use is not blighted with pop-ups and adverts. It also gets ratings from the experts better than most of the paid versions. If you've got a spare moment dig up the tests which have been done on such market leaders as Zone Alarm firewall, Spybot Search and Destroy anti-malware, Avast and AVG anti-virus, Malwarebytes anti-malware, Spyware Blaster and a few others I could mention and you'll find that there is no need to pay anything at all for protection which at least equals and sometimes exceeds that of the paid versions, tho' I make donations to the dedicated and skilled software engineers who write the stuff, so I don't get it for nothing. I run'em all frequently and continuously and they seldom report anything at all. There's no room where security is concerned for sanctimonious pomposity, even Norton Security has had its critics. Now, is there anybody who knows why Google thinks I live in NE Australia and an anti-virus program, as part of its standard warning reporting, thinks I live hundreds of miles from this address?

  wee eddie 03:32 07 Jul 2018

Where did you download it from? It sounds to me that it came with a payload of crap and PUPs.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:07 07 Jul 2018

Now, is there anybody who knows why Google thinks I live in NE Australia and an anti-virus program, as part of its standard warning reporting, thinks I live hundreds of miles from this address?

Are you using a VPN connection or other type of proxy? If you're not sure then click here and see where it puts you on the map. Be aware though that geoloction is not always accurate so it's not unusual for you to appear several hundred miles away on the map.

Check too that Google has your correct location - it should say "United Kingdom" at the bottom of the page - if not then you can change it via Settings.

  Secret-Squirrel 07:19 08 Jul 2018

What did you discover Griffon?

  griffon56 23:22 08 Jul 2018

Hi wee eddie, much as I respect you from long familiarity, I see you've joined wiganken's club. Nobody said anything about crap and PUPs and I downloaded the programs from their respective websites. I'll do as secret squirrel has advised and will report. Incidentally, it might be a good idea if some expert advised which are the safest sites from which to download 'free' software. From experience I've learned to trust filehippo, majorgeeks and list of lists and I've seen the elder geek recommended, but people have been critical of download, cnet and source forge, tho' on what grounds I can't remember.

  griffon56 23:33 08 Jul 2018

Hi Secret squirrel, No, I don't use a VPN or any kind of proxy and the aberrations I've mentioned don't always occur, it's just that when they do the Google one always puts me in the Far East, sometimes it's Malaysia only but if it does occur it's usually a mix-up of many of the countries in that region. I've checked and the Google version which comes up is subscripted United Kingdom. Do I HAVE to click on your link to find out where I am or only if I'm using a VPN or proxy?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:57 09 Jul 2018

Do I HAVE to click on your link............

You don't have to but you should. The link is perfectly safe. You should definitely click it the next time Google thinks you're in Malaysia or Australia. Like I said before, don't be surprised if the location shown isn't that accurate because Geolocation technology is notoriously ropey. The link puts me roughly four miles away from my true location.

  john bunyan 09:16 09 Jul 2018


I have Malawarebytes Premium and Unckecky , and sometimes they stop a download if the site is worrisome. Eg until recently MBAM stopped Freefilesynch; now it is “safe” . Maybe try MBAM scan , even with free version, on downloads before clicking to install.

  john bunyan 09:19 09 Jul 2018

PS I agree with free anti virus etc; I use Defender a/v with MBAM Premium (the latter a lifetime licence for which I paid £10!).

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