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  bturner 19:19 13 Feb 2013

My Mother has just bought her first laptop, tomorrow I will help her to install Windows 8 which is pre installed.

She bought Norton Anti Virus.

I was going to download and install Malwarebyes and Superantispyware, is that a good or bad idea?

Apparently with Windows 8 you cannot make recovery discs but instead need to make them on a flash drive.

  rdave13 00:09 14 Feb 2013

Not sure about manufacturer's own partition and the ability to create factory reset DVDs. You will have to look at 'all apps' (similar to all programs) for info. Dell might have an app for Recovery Manager or similar. Other manufacturers the same or they will just depend on 8 for creating a recovery media, which, in my opinion, is a cop out if true.

Windows 8 Tip: Create Recovery Media

Once you get to the Start page, have a look at the Apps, then right click a blank space and in the lower bar that opens, select all apps. The new window shows 'all programs' in app boxes. Any trials there, then right click the app and select uninstall in the lower bar that opens. Just check that you don't need them. If Norton there then uninstall as you will install a newer version anyway.

Don't listen to Jock1e as he's set in his ways :) Sorry Jock1e !!

bturner , bet your mum will take to Win 8 easier than you will.. lol.

  rdave13 00:18 14 Feb 2013

As for Malwarebytes and SAS, if free versions only, I can't see Norton complaining but as it is such an invasive security suit, it might be better to wait until Norton up and running. Then try one and see what happens.

  bturner 08:44 14 Feb 2013

Thanks for the replies.

Yes she bought it from PC world and she is in her 70's.

I am familiar with Windows 7, never used 8 before.

We did not want to buy Norton anti virus, I said can't she use Windows Defender ans security essentials, he said " Windows Defender no longer exists".

Apparently I will be promted to insert a flash drive that she bought to create a recovery disc.

Yes I was thinking of installing the free versions of SAS and MWB.

So my plan is, turn on, follow prompts, create recovery on flash drive, delete the version of Norton already installed, install the new Norton anti virus, get connected to the internet.

  rdave13 10:34 14 Feb 2013

You can use optical media to create a Recovery disc. See my previous link. Windows Defender is included in Windows 8. It is different to the 7 version as it includes antivirus and antispyware, similar to Microsoft security essentials. Ran it myself for a while as Avast was causing problems. I'm now running free AVG, one off payment for Malwarebytes pro, free version SAS and spywareblaster and that's my security set-up. Win 8 firewall is good enough.

I think you were wrongly advised for some reason.

  bturner 14:56 14 Feb 2013

Thanks for the replies.

The installation was faster than I was expecting.

Windows 8 is a lot different and it took a bit of searching to find out how to turn it off and get to the desktop but I got used it and quite like it.

My mother is very new to computers so it is not as if she has to forget W7. she will pick it up in time.

I am annoyed that the salesman told me there is no Windows Defender anymore.

I said no to the extra warrenty, we took the first free month of support though (as I live quite a distance from her) and can cancel that if we want in 3 weeks time.

So for now I signed up to the free 2 months of Norton Antivirus. I can take the one we paid for back and get a refund or use it in 60 days time.

I also had problems with Avast on my desktop so use Malwarebytes and SAS with Microsoft seurity essentials.

So you say W8 does have defender on there. Does it have Microsoft security essentials?

I am going back Saturday, how do I make a recovery disc/flash drive? I was not prompted to make one and could not find that option.

  bturner 17:15 14 Feb 2013


I googled "does windows 8 have microsoft security essentials?" and found this thread

So I think the PC world guy got it wrong when I asked if W8 has Defender.

I could try to find and activate Windows Defender and delete the 60 day Norton AV.

  rdave13 23:32 14 Feb 2013

The Norton 60 day trial will disable Defender automatically. In the Start page, right click a blank space and select 'all apps' on the bottom bar. Use the mouse wheel to scroll to the right and Windows Defender's tile is there. To go back to the ordinary Start page right click again and select 'all apps'.

  rdave13 23:34 14 Feb 2013

how do I make a recovery disc/flash drive?, as the previous link I gave,

  bturner 07:19 15 Feb 2013

Thank-you for the replies,

I will have a go at deleting the Norton 30 day trial tomorrow. I assume that I click the second of the six options in the link you provided Jock1e?

Many thanks for the help dave, I will let you know how I get on.

  bturner 12:17 16 Feb 2013

I uninstalled the 2 applications of Norton from control panel, programs. Then used the Norton removal tool

Activated Windows Defender and firewall. It looks like Defender includes spyware so may not need Superantispyware.

If things run OK for my Mother next week I will download Malwarebytes.

Also made a Recovery drive.

Thank-you for all the helpful answers.

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