Another problem: unsecapp.exe using 70% cpu

  martd7 22:09 07 May 2018

I have noticed today the pc is rather lethargic so I opened task manager to see what was happening and the above process is using 70% of the CPU,after doing a google search theres many articles saying its a valid Microsoft app,the path file should read (C:)>Windows>System 32>wbem,there is an app there its 46kb called Unsecapp,there is also an Unsecapp in C/windows/wmu and was installed on March 24th 2018 its size is 2.1mb

I think this is a virus or malware

Ive run a virus scan using Panda Antivirus and a Malwarebytes scan and they both found nothing

  martd7 22:59 07 May 2018

its a coin mining virus I think,there are a few posts saying where its located and that the cpu will run at between 50-70%

Ive tried online virus,Eset found nothing as did trend micro,Norton found the file along with 3 other pups but the 3 pups\virus I know what they are and don't want them deleted but Norton doesn't have a selective tool so its all or nothing

  beeuuem~2 01:09 08 May 2018

Perhaps click here will help you ?

  Secret-Squirrel 08:46 08 May 2018

......unsecapp.exe using 70% cpu

Mart, right-click that process in Task Manager then choose "Properties". What does it show for the "Location"?

By the way, I've never heard of the $40 so-called malware removal tool suggested by beeuuem~2 so you may want to give it a miss.

  martd7 09:58 08 May 2018

Secret squirrel I've managed to delete it using Hitman pro,very disappointed with Malwarebytes,Panda Antivirus and Adwcleaner not picking it up,I would invest in Norton's as it saw the virus straight away in c/windows/wmu/unsecapp,however,there seems to be no "exclusion" folder so your choice is delete or leave it,unless anyone knows any more about Norton internet suite?

Might just buy "Hitman Pro" instead

  Secret-Squirrel 11:56 08 May 2018

Thanks for the feedback. That c:/windows/wmu folder made me very suspicious as it's not a regular Windows operating system folder.

  martd7 12:29 08 May 2018

Your right it's not a system folder,I read on the internet,the file should reside in c/windows/system32/wbem that made me suspicious,sorted anyway

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