annoying Vista problem with inherited laptop

  Chrissib 09:48 28 Dec 2013

hi this is the first and only laptop I have had with Windows Vista and although most things work ok, there are a few annoying aspects which I cant seem to resolve as I have with other versions of Windows...

  1. it doesn't save any login details, even though I check the 'password remember' option every time, and turned off the option to clear recent web page information in IE9.

  2. I have recently put a 2TB storage drive on my internal network, which I have mapped and can see and access ok, but although I have checked the option to 'reconnect at login, it doesn't do it, and I have to manually click the drive icon to 'wake it up' so to speak.

  3. at the start, I have been plagued with messages which prevent me from altering things, with reminders that I dont have administrive rights to do anything. So I turned off 'User Accounts Control' and now get persistant reminders to turn it back on. There is only 1 profile on the computer, and this is mine, so I should always have the rights.

  4. as for Outlook.. I am always prompted for my password, before I can receive new emails. When I put it in, is comes back with 'send and receive' error, but when I click send and receive again, it works fine.

With all these problems, I have always been able to fix until now. I thought the versions of Windows were improving, and although reluctant to go back, I am very tempted to wipe out Vista, and replace it with and old version of XP, if I cant get around these problems.

....and where are the TCP/IP settings in Vista, cant find them anywhere.

Over to you guys, in the hope you can help..

  rdave13 23:08 28 Dec 2013

As it is getting a bit late why not upgrade to Windows 7 and ditch the black sheep.

  Forum Editor 11:55 29 Dec 2013

I tend to agree with rdave13. Vista has been superseded by two newer Windows versions, and rather than fiddle around endlessly it might be an idea to upgrade to Windows 7.

  mole1944 06:26 30 Dec 2013

Have you done a full reinstall the one that wipes the hard drive

  matt2000 22:48 15 Feb 2014

I still use Vista too, but you should upgrade. If you don't want to pay download and install zorin OS. And do not touch XP, it is 13 years old and is not to live after april 8. To fix the problems in IE look for any speed booster apps like CCleaner or Advanced System Care and make sure they do not wipe saved passwords. The UAC is there for security, but replace it with Norton account control, because it is a BIT less annoying. Outlook is not a vista problem and TCP/ip is apparently OK (ASC wont change them)

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