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Annoying mouse problem - had to restart everytime!

  Rayden 23:57 29 Nov 2016

I thought it's better to describe the problem in this video i just recorded: click here you can see my mouse just suddenly freeze as i cannot do anything at all other than moving it around. I can move it around but if i click - it will just beep. If i keep clicking then the mouse icon will dissapear or get more lag. Also when i click - the screen will experience freeze/lag for 1-2 second delay. I have this problem for nearly 2 months. I get this mouse problem a least 3 times a day , and always happen after a few hours. I do gaming/making videos/ just simply watching videos on YouTube - can cause my mouse to stop functioning. Anything except mouse work , so i have to restart with my keyboard in order to get the mouse back working again...


  Forum Editor 15:38 30 Nov 2016

Which version of Windows are you running?

In Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, right-click on the start button and click on 'Command prompt(admin).

Type this into the command prompt window: sfc /scannow and press Enter. Let the scan run, and see if it finds errors. It will attempt to fix any that it encounters.

That may work. Let us know if it doesn't.

  Rayden 19:21 30 Nov 2016


I using Windows 7

  Rayden 19:24 30 Nov 2016

You mean i should use that scannow when i get the problem occur again? or just use it now since it's fine atm?

  sharpamat 07:54 01 Dec 2016

Check if battery's are ok if not e

replace in both mouse and keyboard

  Rayden 22:38 01 Dec 2016

Im using a laptop. Both answer did not work. I used the command prompt once this morning and it said it fixed all issues. Afterward i experience the same issue again while doing some editting, so i use my keyboard to navigate to command prompt and run the scannow - did not fix the issue so i have to restart as always.

My laptop is 24/7 on charge and the battery is removed. So the battery is fine and the laptop too. I got my laptop for half year now and ordered it from pc specialist for a least £800. Could someone tell me if this a hardware problem or software?

  Rayden 02:25 09 Dec 2016

Anyone can help?

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