AndroidAP showing up in wireless network connections

  Doite 00:31 18 Jan 2013

I don't have an Android device, but today AndroidAP showed up in the wireless network connection box.It has an option selected to connect automatically and every time I turn it off it turns itself back on again. I'm a bit worried that it's someone accessing my network. Can anyone please tell me why this is showing up and how to get rid of it? I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium if it helps.

Thanks in advance,


  mgmcc 09:45 18 Jan 2013

Your PC will always show a list of the "Available Wireless Networks" that are within range of your Wireless Network Adapter. If someone is using their Android device as a WiFi hotspot, and it is within range, it will be listed. If it has been encrypted you wouldn't be able to connect to it anyway without knowing the key.

There is no reason to suspect that someone is using your wireless network, which I would hope you have secured with, preferably, WPA2, but at least WEP or WPA.

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