Am I a dinosaur for using IE 11?

  john bunyan 16:41 17 Aug 2018

I still use IE 11 , on latest windows 10 on a good laptop and desktop. I had a brief look at Edge but find it complicated. I do occasionally use Chrome. I have not experienced problems with IE . I use Defender plus MBAM Premium and AdBlock plus. I hear others don’t like IE but what are the problems?

  martd7 16:52 17 Aug 2018


I moved only 2 month back from IE11 to Chrome i was finding some sites were slow or not working in IE11 but they do work in Chrome,i find PCA much smoother in Chrome than IE11

  wee eddie 16:55 17 Aug 2018

I converted to Edge a while back. Some of the inconsistencies have been ironed out now.

  KEITH 1955 18:20 17 Aug 2018

Hi john up until recently I did not like the edge but now I use it all the time , with regards to e11 , one of my old pc's ran e11 and there were a lot of websites I could not use , I kept getting told my browser was not compatable.

  MPN1A 19:01 17 Aug 2018

I still use IE11 but I prefer Firefox. Can't abide Edge.

  wee eddie 19:13 17 Aug 2018

I thought that I ought to add. I also use Chrome and Firefox.

Horses for courses

  john bunyan 22:04 17 Aug 2018

Thanks all. I will look over the Edge!

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