always a small window

  Phrixos 13:37 24 Feb 2010

Every time I go to save or open a file via the Open command (say, in Word 2007) Vista opens an irritatingly-small small-postcard-sized window, which I invariably have to expand to get sufficiently at the tree. There seems no way of setting a new default-size so I can see, right off, enough of the tree. Or is there? If it exists at all, it likely lives in the bowels of the Windows Registry.

Does anyone know how I can dictate how large the default Open window should be? (I would at least like it to open the full length of my screen.)


  Woolwell 16:42 24 Feb 2010

In Office 2007 you can make that window larger. If you move your cursor to the side, bottom or bottom right hand corner you will see a double ended arrow. You can then drag it outwards to create a larger window. Try the bottom right corner as this makes the window larger in proportion.

  Phrixos 17:32 24 Feb 2010

But that's the problem. Why on earth does the window open so small, at all? It's so small, that it is almost inconceivable that any information can be entered in it at that size--which, when you think about it, makes no sense.

Time and again, it takes that little bit of unnecessary effort, concentration, and time, to enlarge the window manually, just as you describe. Is there no way at all to change the default opening size?

To use Microsoft's own words from when it was marketing Vista, "It is a computer!"

  Woolwell 18:08 24 Feb 2010

But on my systems (desktop and laptop) when I have stretched it then it stays like that even after a restart and therefore becomes the default size.

  Woolwell 18:50 24 Feb 2010

BTW if you double click on the top taskbar it will automatically open it at maximum size and if you double click it again it will put it back to the smaller default size.

  Pine Man 18:52 24 Feb 2010

Try stretching the window to the size you want it then DO NOT CLOSE IT USING THE 'X' in the top right hand corner.

Close the window from the menu list under File/Exit

  Phrixos 20:37 24 Feb 2010

Well, whaddaya know. After all these years.

Talk about a foible.

Thanks, Pine Man. And thanks everyone else for chipping in.

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