All windows related features broken.

  Saltiney 19:02 28 Apr 2017

Hello, some time ago, my windows stuff just simply stopped working I can still plays games, use the intenet and all that, but like left clicking on my windows icon does nothing, the search feature does nothing, trying to do things in control panel don't work, I cant use Ms-settings: in run box, it does nothing, it seems like my basic windows things are broken. which was annoying because now I have to go to the website to check my email instead of using that windows mail app, however it wasnt too inconvenient so I didnt worry about it.

I now have a problem though trying to play this new RTS game, my task bar stays on top of the game no matter what I do, and I can't scroll around because of it, so I cannot play the game, the solution would be to right click the task bar and hit properties but, you guessed it, none of that works, when I right click task bar, a menu comes up but none of the menu buttons actually activate anything, so I cant enable auto'hide or anything like that. please help. I read online that some solutions were like typing a bunch of stuff into the command prompt which I tried and didnt work, and creating a new user account was a solution but I cannot get that to work either due to the same problem.

plz help

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