All my files have been re-named with dates

  souniwillile 07:49 10 Nov 2011

This is driving me mad. My laptop, running Vista, just decided to rename ALL my files with dates. When I try to rename them back again, it displays the date again. Even my desktop icons have been changed in this way. The recycle bin has no name tag at all, which is about the only one behaving differently. For example my Documents File maybe looked like 'My Documents - Letters - Spreadsheets - My Pictures' Now something like '11/05/2010 - 30/04/2011 - 15/06/2011 - 30/09/2011'. But if you right click and go to Rename, it shows the original name, not the date. Is it a virus or malware or what? Does anyone know how to change it back? It is impossible to navigate around like this, because you simply do not have any idea what a folder contains for example.

  northumbria61 13:08 11 Nov 2011

I don't use Vista anymore but try looking at this LINK to see if anything will help enter link description here

  souniwillile 14:18 11 Nov 2011

Thanks mate will give those suggestions a try.

  souniwillile 07:08 14 Nov 2011

Hi northumbria61,

I am finding it impossible to navigate round my system the way it is currently. It wount even let me do a 'search'. I cannot therefore find the file the other posting referred to: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\PropertySystem\PropertySchema\@CachedSchema Have you any idea where it might be found? e.g. C:\folder1\folder2\HKLM etc.....

Thanks and regards,


  Les28 18:25 17 Nov 2011

I don't know whether you've sorted it out yet, It's a windows registry entry you are looking for, you could try using Nir Soft Reg Scanner to find it for you if you are not familiar with manually navigating the registry, download Nir Soft Reg Scanner and let it do the reg search for you, near foot of page here at Feedback, It's a stand alone product and will not install itself into your all programs list, you unzip the download and click on the reg scanner icon that has the magnifying glass image in the unzipped folder.

enter link description here

explained how to use here

enter link description here

first you would copy to clipboard the full HKLM address, ie highlight, right click and select copy to put on windows clipboard the full reg entry as shown in the article or as shown here, same problem

enter link description here

then in Nir Soft Reg Scanner Reg Scanner window, not the Registry Scan Options window, click on File, then Open clipboard text in RegEdit and it will open the location in windows registry from the copied address on the clipboard without you having to do any search yourself.

Editing the registry can be risky so perhaps backing up the registry first might be a good idea, you can find out about that online.

  APOM 10:20 24 Nov 2011

I have the same problem. All my files have been re-named with dates. The file is like this: Icon + Date. I can change the display properties to know the file name, but it appears as well in another column. The icons are always associated with a date. This is very painful! Please HELPPPPPP

  souniwillile 15:44 25 Nov 2011

Hey guys, I am such a twat when it comes to this sort of thing I ended up taking it to my local techie store. Left it with them overnight and picked it up next day - now going like a train without the problem. They fixed it for me saying it was a virus! I know there is a bit of a language problem here, but they fixed it, and apparently so easily they didnt bother to charge me! So I have to say Dear Apom just take it in and save yourself a load of hassle. My fear is that if I start doing something that needs a bit of knowledge I may end up doing more damage than I am trying to fix! Lesson is there are those who can and those who cant............I have learned I cant! Good luck and regards

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