Alan Amos's plea for professional help ?.

  Petre 12:02 06 Jan 2018

Hi, I am using an Inotek 2001 adaptor to transfer the files from a hard drive from my defunct windows 7 laptop to my new laptop. All is connected.. The old hard drive is displayed as drive 'e ' ..but when opened merely displays a host of what appears to be strings of system data. I expected to see picture, music and document files which I could copy and paste into my new machine.

I realise that I must need further software maybe to translate this gobbledygook!.

However, if you could offer some advice which might clear my thinking , then this would be appreciated as some of the files which unfortunately didn't find their way to Cloud are really valuable !

Thanks in anticipation, Alan Amos.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 06 Jan 2018

Cannot find any info on your Inotek 2001 adaptor

Normally you just put the laptop drive in an external case and connect by USB.

Was your drive encrypted?

  Secret-Squirrel 12:51 06 Jan 2018

Cannot find any info on your Inotek 2001 adaptor

I think it's this one.

Was your drive encrypted?

That's my suspicion too.

  Petre 13:32 06 Jan 2018

Thanks so far !, The windows 7 hard drive.. (which has been handled with care !)..wasnt encrypted !.. I've copied all 200k plus items onto my existing windows 10 c drive, and the same picture has emerged !, a load of meaningless ( to me ! ) Strings of numbers and letters !. I am baffled !... HELP !, AA.

  wee eddie 14:02 06 Jan 2018

Is your new laptop a Mac, by any chance?

  wee eddie 14:34 06 Jan 2018

Looking at the Specs

Compatible Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/ 8/10 (32bit and 64bit); Mac OS 10.X (OTB mode isn't applicable for W8 and Mac)

possibly the cause of the problem?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:29 06 Jan 2018

Is your new laptop a Mac, by any chance?


possibly the cause of the problem?


  Secret-Squirrel 16:33 06 Jan 2018

Alan, are you able to post some screenshots to illustrate your problem? It may help greatly.

If you can't, then explain in more detail what happens when you access the E: drive. For example, do you see any familiar folders? Are there discrete files listed albeit with random names, or is everything in the drive gobbledegook?

  Secret-Squirrel 16:45 06 Jan 2018

..............oh, and I forgot to ask, what caused your Windows 7 laptop to become defunct?

  Forum Editor 17:45 06 Jan 2018

Forgive me for asking what might seem an obvious question, but previous experience of similar problems tells me it's always worth checking.

Take a look at this, and confirm that you have followed the instructions correctly.

Your answer to Secret-Squirrel's question about what caused your laptop to become defunct may also shed light on the problem.

  Petre 20:30 08 Jan 2018

Thanks so far everyone !

Secret Squirrel !... The screen collapsed entirely on my old Toshiba Satellite, it was ancient ! Also I've got a screenshot of the e-drive on its hard drive, but can't find a way to post it on the Forum...hopefully someone will advise me..

Look forward to your answer ,


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