JoE. 22:10 09 Nov 2006

Quite simply, what is it? I've seen so many postings mention it, yet have no idea of what it is. Could someone shed some light please? Apologies if its a silly question that's been answered several times before, and by all means direct me to such a post. Thanks :)

  Kate B 22:49 09 Nov 2006

It's the pretty new interface.

  Jimmy14 23:01 09 Nov 2006

excellent definition and example of the new windows aero theme built into Vista Home Premium,Business and Ultimate editions from wikipedia,
click here

  josie mayhem 23:13 09 Nov 2006

If you are using several windows/programs on your computer, at the moment you have to tag any window/program from the bottoum task bar.

But with Aero when you start the Areo effect either by pressing Alt and Tab together or using the buttom on the task bar and scrol, you get all the windows (small windows)on you desktop of what ever program/window you have open, it sorts of casscades through them in a 3d effect, when you stop scrolling and release the buttons the front window opens....

It's purpose and usfullness will depend on the individual.....

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