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  [email protected] 11:30 16 Mar 2007

i have had major problems this morning with my system 'dying' unable to get back to desktop etc.
i called pc world, who supplied the pc, they advised me to disconnect the power and try again, no surprise there then!
most of the parts i have purchased for my upgrade were purchased from a first class computer company that shall remain nameless to protect the innocent. i called them for advise, told them my symptoms, i was guessing at mobo/ psu failure, after telling him my specs/ problems etc, the first words out his mouth were "are you running vista?" when i replied i was, he told me every call he had taken so far was similar to mine.
so, if you have xp and can live without aero, my advise is save your money and dont bother, if on the other hand, you need the ability to show all your running programs at the same time, feel the need for major incompatiblty problems, have a boatload of cash to upgrade your already decent spec pc, go ahead and buy it!
a very pi.. fed up

  Kate B 11:31 16 Mar 2007

I think it's a bit rich of the person you spoke to blame your woes on Vista. If you think you've got a hardware problem, then it won't matter what OS you're running, the hardware problem will mess you about.

Why don't you tell us more precisely what the problems are and let's see if we can sort them out?

  Jimmy14 11:43 16 Mar 2007

Bought a Acer laptop In December 2005 with XP Home Edition Installed. Done a clean install of Vista Home Premium in January and it works like a dream. Very happy with it. I feel many people should upgrade to it instead of going back.

  [email protected] 11:48 16 Mar 2007

hi kate, its on helproom, i have stress tested all componants with pc doctoe 5 and all have passed, i think its a driver/ compatibilty issue, i have had temp freezes on vista since i first put it on, hence all these testing programs!
cpu is running at2610 gz on xp (with optiser) with the vista drivers its running at 2955! it under load, after a great deal of colling changes it wont reach 50c, i have reloaded drivers, but amd dont have any, they say m/s do the drivers for vista, i cant change v power from my bios, so have to cap cpu power to 80% from power in control panel, also keep getting video hardware error on vista, no further details just says reseaching? only get that prompt after playing wow or supreme commander.
i get none of this with xp, and i see you've had a similar problem?

  [email protected] 11:52 16 Mar 2007

i bought xp home premium, but it only gives me the upgarde option, maybe a clean install, ie get rid of xp would help? i bought the full program (not the upgrade), but when i put the disk in it only gives me the upgrade option?
any ideas?
btw am also looking into spelling/ typing lessons!

  [email protected] 11:55 16 Mar 2007

(should read)

  Pine Man 12:01 16 Mar 2007

It is probably only giving you the upgrade path because you have already got an o/s installed.

If you want to do a clean install it means just that 'clean' your HD by formatting first.

  [email protected] 12:19 16 Mar 2007

i thought that, how do i format hard drive with o/s on it?
i just uninstalled nvidea driver re booted and let vista find a driver, it is now
7.15.10 9746?

device manager reports all devices are running properly as it did before, i wonder why windows doesnt find the latest signed vista driver from nvid?

  Pine Man 12:22 16 Mar 2007

Just right click on the drive that contains your o/s and select format.

  Kate B 12:35 16 Mar 2007

I'd definitely do a clean install - there's a workaround so you can do it from an upgrade disc. Google "Vista upgrade clean install workaround and you'll find it".

Some people have had issues with the Nvidia drivers. Before my own present woes (see my ranting thread about BSODs and crashes) I had the latest beta drivers running fine, so it might be worth grabbing whatever's up on Nvidia's site and installing them. There is a WHQL version as well as beta options.

  [email protected] 23:27 16 Mar 2007

fresh install of xp completed, and it's good to have my pc back, seems much much faster, maybe its because i broke my teeth on xp, so to speak, or maybe it's because xp was written when pc's were more basic, but vista isnt coming on this pc again, maybe a new pc, later when sp1 is out.
i like the slickness of vista, but nearly all my games wouldnt run well, if at all, i was in game last week, and bought supreme commander (because it was the only game with vista label on it, but when i installed vista sent a compatibility error off.
set point would crash the pc, sandra, no temps on monitoring software, problems with bt, amd dualcore driver, video problems with nvida, sound problems with realtek, crashes!
i installed it twice, why so many problems, i guessed there would be some, but i thought the beta had been out for years, i really never expected so much grief!
and the m/s amd thing is just a joke, how many brand new amd machines will be out with vista preinstalled running at 130%? god knows!

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