Advice on improving PC performance (currently very slow)

  Steve A 12:07 18 Dec 2011


My parents have a Windows 7 (64bit) pc which is performing really slowly. It's got a AMD Athlon II X2 215 2.70 ghz processor and 2GB of RAM.

Just logging in takes an age and then launching something simple like a browser can take a good few minutes for anything to happen.

I've put the CPU gadget on my desktop for a quick guide and although my CPU is about 20%, my ram is often 85%+.

I've done the basic servicing processes, like defaging but they've made little difference.

I've looked on the website for Ram upgrades and have seen that I can upgrade to 8GB of RAM for less than £40.

Would this be a worthwhile investment or is there something else causing the system to be so slow.

I myself am a Mac user, so I'm not familiar with ways to improve performance on a PC, but I don't want my parents to struggle with the PC in the way they currently are, so if I can speed things up for them I'd like to be able to.

I'd appreciate any advice.

Many thanks

  difarn 13:45 18 Dec 2011

There are a few basic things to try.

Have a look in task manager to see if any specific processes are hogging the system.

Can you remember the pc running well before any specific programmes were installed? If so you could try a system restore until before that date. If you do this anything installed after that date will need to be reinstalled.

Uninstall any programmes that are not needed.

How many anti-vurus programmes do you have running - they may be conflicting.

Are all of the updates up to date?

All all drivers up to date?

Have a look to see if you have any add-ons in your browser which you don't need any more - conflict with these often can cause slow running. Often the only way to find out is to disable them one by one until you find the possible culprit.

It could be that there is some malware - try downloading Malwarebytes (the free copy) and see what happens.

  john bunyan 17:08 18 Dec 2011
  Ibanez2010 17:54 18 Dec 2011

Do an up to date virus and malware scan. Run ccleaner. Run Superantispyware. Another 2gb ram to bring it up to 4gb would help too. 8gb is overkill.

  vonmoris 10:00 04 Feb 2012

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