Advice & Help Installing 7 64bit on new Samsung 1TB HDD

  Audio~~Chip 21:45 07 Dec 2011

Hello Nearly got all my new build together & ready to install 7 Home Premium 64bit, on a I5 2400, 8GB DDRII.

The Samsung HDD is 1TB should/can the windows be installed as a single C drive partition or would it be best to partition it. Ideally I wanted all the C drive in one place. Not sure what to do, ideally do not want a redundant partition.

Thanks in advance

  Graphicool1 10:27 09 Dec 2011

Sorry about the delay of someone responding to your query. If you haven't already done it by now, no you don't have to or need to partition any HD. I have Windows 7 32bit with a 500GB internal HD, not partitioned and 4 external HD's of which they are 1TB - 500GB - and 2x250GB. None are partitioned. Of the two 250GB drives one is a backup drive for the PC. The other is a Virtual Drive for Windows XP.

However, I don't recommend you carry all your eggs in one basket. I don't know what you use your PC for. But i mainly use mine for art, editing photo's and storage. All my work is contained on the other two external drives. The TB HD and the 500GB external HD. I keep the same material/data on both.

No doubt someone else will tell you something completely different. But at the end of the day the choice is your's. Hope this helps with your decision.

  Audio~~Chip 11:19 09 Dec 2011

Thanks Graphicool1 !

Really greatfull for you reply. I use mine for Aircraft Databases & photos. The way I see it even if having a partition and storing them on that if the HDD failed they would still go AWOL. Having a second HDD sounds a safer bet like your configuration.

Thanks for the reply !

  ams4127 11:33 09 Dec 2011

I would add one proviso to your idea. If your PC is stolen then everything will be lost, regardless of how many HDDs you have.

I bought a 64GB flash drive copy store my photos and important data to that. It is stored completely seperately so that, if my PC is stolen, my private data is safe.

A PC can be replaced - vital data can't.

  Graphicool1 15:09 09 Dec 2011

Hi ams4127

If you'd like to run your eye over my response to 'Audio~~Chip' you will see in the second paragraph...

"All my work is contained on the other two external drives."

...I don't keep any of my work/data on my PC. It's all on external drives and that was my recommendation.

  ams4127 16:58 09 Dec 2011


I did see your post concerning your external HDDs and fully appreciate what you say.

I, too, have a couple of external HDDs but I don't disconnect them and take them with me when I go on holiday. I do put them elsewhere in the house while away but take my flash drive with me.

It is not unknown for a house to be destroyed by fire during the owner's absence.

I know that what I do is overkill but it works for me.

  rdave13 23:36 09 Dec 2011

I would, personally, have a smaller HDD for the C: drive and install programs to the 1TB drive, so if Windows becomes corrupted and needs a fresh install, then at least your programs etc.are safe. Use another external HDD or Flash drive, or both, for further backups.

  Graphicool1 17:41 11 Dec 2011

I learn't my lesson about having back-ups, the hard way. I lost two HD's to heat, on seperate occasions. I was lucky, only in the fact that the first time it was only the OS and the second time, although it contained my work I had made a back-up first.

I whole heartedly agree with have as many back-ups as is humanly and financially possible. Keeping some in different places, as suggested by ams4127 and on a flash drive as suggested by rdave13.

Because what we must remember is that nothing is infallible and while Iost HD's to heat I've also lost Flash Drives to malfunction.

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