Advice & Help Installing 7 64bit on new Samsung 1TB HDD

  Audio~~Chip 21:45 07 Dec 2011

Hello Nearly got all my new build together & ready to install 7 Home Premium 64bit, on a I5 2400, 8GB DDRII.

The Samsung HDD is 1TB should/can the windows be installed as a single C drive partition or would it be best to partition it. Ideally I wanted all the C drive in one place. Not sure what to do, ideally do not want a redundant partition.

Thanks in advance

  Audio~~Chip 11:19 09 Dec 2011

Thanks Graphicool1 !

Really greatfull for you reply. I use mine for Aircraft Databases & photos. The way I see it even if having a partition and storing them on that if the HDD failed they would still go AWOL. Having a second HDD sounds a safer bet like your configuration.

Thanks for the reply !

  rdave13 23:36 09 Dec 2011

I would, personally, have a smaller HDD for the C: drive and install programs to the 1TB drive, so if Windows becomes corrupted and needs a fresh install, then at least your programs etc.are safe. Use another external HDD or Flash drive, or both, for further backups.

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