Advanced PC Care Virus Scam

  harrisjacob 12:08 22 Sep 2015

I am running Windows 8 Professional and accidently install Advanced PC Care. It auto starts to scan my PC and shows me 5 Malware threats, 119 Systems performance Issue, 557 Systems user Software issue and 15 software installations issue. I am surprised that i am running brand New original Windows 8 professional. To remove these errors they ask me 40$ to remove all errors and save my PC. After clean my PC from Advanced PC care i am not able to boot my PC. Some how i manage my friend Laptop and search about Advanced PC care and reads that they are virus and involved in scam also.

Can you please tell me that how can i save my PC from such a virus and scam product Advanced PC care help me

  spuds 12:31 22 Sep 2015

"Can you please tell me that how can i save my PC from such a virus and scam product Advanced PC care help me"

And perhaps an easy and simple answer to that question, is to do some research into a programme 'before' you download and use that programme. There is plenty of information, usually via a Google search or asking on a forum, about such programmes.

Many people fall into a ring of hope, when they see the word free, yet go no further to check if there are limitations or fees required at a later stage. And I suppose most if not all of us have fallen into that trap, at sometime.

What I would suggest is that you download one of the highly recommended malware programmes like MalwareBytes, and see what that finds. I use among other things SuperAntiSpyware, which is similar to MB, but goes that one step further by, updating daily.

If its a virus that you are concerned about, then perhaps look at Avast, which is free to use in a domestic form, and comes highly recommended.

  spuds 12:35 22 Sep 2015

I perhaps should have added, that some download websites might bring further problems, so only use those that are recommended by regular users. Here are two that have a good reputation. click here click here

  robin_x 12:45 22 Sep 2015

Get to Advanced Start up Menu then System Restore to an earlier time first, if you can

  robin_x 12:47 22 Sep 2015

Recent apps and programs are removed, but not recent personal files and folders.

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