Adobe reader update – file "adberdr940_en_us.msi"

  robhawk 15:40 06 Oct 2011

I cannot find this file on my computer. Without it I cannot uninstall Adobe reader which might have given me a chance of a fresh install. I'm going round in circles! Surely there is a way in which I can obtain this file or can somebody tell me where it is?

  a member 19:32 06 Oct 2011

why not just get the latest adobe reader .exe run it ,it will uninstall previous versions ,and also has a repair feature .

  robhawk 00:09 07 Oct 2011

thank you Merlinx. But I think there is a problem with Adobe reader X which has interfered with Dragon Naturally Speaking, which I use quite a lot. But maybe I should try your suggestion of and then see if I can make Dragon work.

  a member 11:54 07 Oct 2011
  robhawk 15:25 10 Oct 2011

Thank you Merlinx again. I'm still able to use Dragon with Adobe X but I've turned protection at startup off.

  robhawk 14:05 12 Oct 2011

Update. It's no good: Dragon will not work with Adobe Reader X so once more I have reverted to 9.4.

  LaLeigh 15:03 12 Oct 2011

I just joined this site and I also have a question about Adobe and Dragon....I was going to start using Dragon today and saw this thread! I'm glad I did too! I had a bot virus a few weeks ago and had to redo my pc, so I haven't downloaded any of the PDF Readers yet! If Adobe doesn't work with Dragon, how about Foxit? Any problems with capability problems with it?

  LaLeigh 15:05 12 Oct 2011

Mine is an older version of Dragon, it's #10 if that makes a difference too.

  robhawk 17:41 12 Oct 2011

Dragon does work with Adobe Reader 9.4 and I am happy with that version of Reader. What I still cannot do is update my 9.4 version because apparently I lack a file called "adberdr940enus.msi". Apart from that I have no problems!

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