Adobe PDF problem when online

  The Teacher 17:41 18 Jul 2013

I have just changed my car insurance provider and any letters etc, that they send out can be viewed online via Adobe PDF.

However, in my browser, Waterfox (the 64bit version of Firefox) it tells me that a plug in is missing. I have the latest version of Adobe PDF reader because I downloaded it when this problem arose yesterday. However I still have the same problem, any idea on how to solve this? I have looked in the add on/plug in section in the browser to see if I can find it but the only reference to this I can find is for Mac computers.

I have Windows 7.

Many thanks

  lotvic 17:52 18 Jul 2013

Not got Waterfox, just Firefox, but guess it will be similar: have a look in Tools, Options and on the Applications tab to see what .pdfs are set for (you click on Action setting in the right hand column to get a dropdown menu to choose from)

  The Teacher 17:58 18 Jul 2013

In the applications list it doesn't have a general .pdf list, but just Adobe PDF documents and that is set to use Adobe PDF reader as default.

  lotvic 21:18 18 Jul 2013

Hmm seems to be problem with that - not you - Waterfox (design) problem. You could turn on the built in pdf viewer via about:config as Adobe doesn't work click here

  lotvic 21:24 18 Jul 2013

As far as I can make out, the Adobe plug in is 32bit and that's why it doesn't work in Waterfox 64bit.

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