adobe flash problem

  Trotter2 08:09 22 Apr 2012

hi, i'm running Windows 7 but have been experiencing problems with adobe flash player. my computer suffered multiple problems recently due in part to a faulty wireless keyboard, but still has one or two little glitches! i go on facebook quite a lot and use the online game apps but now these apps don't work. i think that's because my computer is operating the 64bit system instead of 32bit. how do i restore my system to 32 bit IE? also, Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing, which is why i'm using IE at the moment! has anyone got any suggestions or advise please? many thanks, Del

  difarn 08:37 22 Apr 2012

To set IE 32 as default. You say restore your system to 32 bit IE - you mean the IE browser I assume not the operating system?

Click on Start and go to Default Programs. Click on Associate a file type or protocol always open in a specific program. Browse to all the extensions where internet explorer is set as default and then click on change. Now Click on browse and then go to location C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe and select it. Click Ok and then Close. Click Save.

There shouldn't be any problems because your have Windows 7 64-bit if you make sure that you are downloading compatible programmes.

Equally there shouldn't be a problem with Firefox. Are you sure that you were using the current version of Firefox and the correct version of Adobe Flash Player for Firefox as there are other options?

What are the "glitches" you mention?

  Trotter2 09:04 22 Apr 2012

the other problems are software related, at least, my computer literate friend believes they are. i have a couple of files in my documents that won't open correctly and as mentioned before mozilla crashes! yes mozilla is up to date and the probs only really began after the most recent update! as for adobe, i have always just updated from the facebook game page i'm using at the time and had no problems before!

  difarn 13:04 22 Apr 2012

can I suggest that you go to the Adobe site and download the current edition for firefox and see if there is any difference. I really wouldn't download from facebook -it is much better to do it from the proper site.

As for firefox crashing have you installed any add-ons or plug-ins lately? If so one of them may be causing the problem. Have a look at this article giving advice on steps to take in the event of crashes.

  john bunyan 16:22 22 Apr 2012

If you have W7 64 bit, then programmes that are only designed for 32 bit should install and run fine. They will be in a folder(in windows explorer) C:Programme Files(x86) whereas programmes designed for 64 bit are in C:Programme files. There should be no need to revert the whole PC to 32bit, which in any case may mean a complete and unnecessary reinstall.

  Trotter2 21:00 25 Apr 2012

thanks for all your help! used info from posts and have now sorted it! thank you all!

  difarn 21:32 25 Apr 2012

Glad to help and that your problem is resolved.

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