Adobe Flash Player will not install on Win 10

  griffon56 16:51 06 Dec 2015

Well, that's it really. I bought an Avery Christmas Label kit and it required Flash Player. I'd originally had Flash on the previous Win 7 OS and went to Adobe to renew it. The download and install looked OK but when finished the Avery software reported that it still needed to be installed and I couldn't find the exe file for it anywhere. Anybody got any ideas, please? I've already tried it with the anti-virus turned off as suggested by Avery, in case this was the blockage, but to no avail.

  Govan1x 16:59 06 Dec 2015

W10 downloads Flash player with its windows updates not unless maybe you are not using I/E.

  Govan1x 17:02 06 Dec 2015

Make sure it is enabled in add one.

  QuizMan 22:35 06 Dec 2015

If you have the January 2016 edition of PCA, there is a useful article on Adobe Flash that may provide some guidance for you.

  griffon56 17:47 09 Dec 2015

Thank you all, I'm sorry I ought to have mentioned that I use Firefox not IE, so the replies don't make any sense. Apologies. 'Add One'? meaning please, and I regret I don't have Jan 16 PCA. I used to be a subscriber but started using the computer less and gave up. What's mystifying is that the install process takes place but there are clearly things missing from it such as boxes to tick for icons and permissions along the way and at the end the download disappears from the folder in which it's been saved. Weird. None of my other d/l's have done that, I've even got ancient copies (or did have) of stuff dating back to 2007 which can still be executed. I'm more than ever convinced that I've got a unique computer, the only one in the world, which behaves in this peculiar manner. I've got round the problem of printing on each label simply by measuring where the text goes and adjusting it to fit. An old wooden ruler against the screen, much better than Flash Player!

  BRYNIT 18:34 09 Dec 2015

Adobe web site CLICK HERE this will tell you if flash player is installed and which version.

  griffon56 16:19 12 Dec 2015

Thanks BRYNIT I did that and got a screen which listed the things you said but it didn't specifically say that FP was installed on the machine. Is it implied that if you can see that info then FP is installed? I hope that's the case, but if it is, then why is it hiding itself away from typical program listings in all the usual places? like the Program folders and CCleaner. Curious.

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