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Administrator but insufficient rights

  johndrew 13:35 05 Feb 2012

I am running W7 Pro as a sole user with full Administrators rights on a new PC.

I have been installing software such as Word 2002, my scanner and similar but hit a problem when attempting to install Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 when I received the message that I need Administrators rights to install software when I put the CD into the drive.

I know that Pinnacle Studio Plus 9 is identified as being for up to XP; could this be the reason for the message? I am unsure as to whether XP Mode has been enabled as yet but am aware that W7 Pro has this facility.

With thanks in anticipation.

  difarn 14:20 05 Feb 2012

It appears from this article that this is not compatible for Windows 7 - there is a link to the Pinnacle side who appear to be offering an upgrade.

Here is a link to Microsoft explaining how to try it in compatability mode.

  johndrew 14:29 05 Feb 2012

Many thanks for the response and information.

I guessed that it would be down to compatibility but it is the first time I have seen the "Administrators rights to install software" message. I have never seen it before even with software designed for W2000; the CDs simply loaded and ran.

I guess I should enable XP Mode and try again. If that fails then I will try the compatibility mode in your link. My final option is finding a lot of money for the new version/upgrade currently around £60 - ouch!!

  difarn 14:44 05 Feb 2012

You're welcome - this message is very common in Windows 7 and can usually be fixed, if the programme is compatible, by right-clicking on the icon for the particular applications and programmes and choosing "Run as Administrator". It can appear even if the programme is not incompatible as a security measure.

  johndrew 13:37 19 Feb 2012

An update on installation of Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.

It will install in Compatibility Mode but failed to run. There is obviously a major incompatibility in the software; possibly within the third party extras.

It will install within XP Mode on the Virtual PC (if you have W7 Pro or above; fortunately I have). Failing that an update is necessary and is quite expensive.

The installation in XP Mode is time consuming, but all keys function correctly to permit full operation of the purchased elements.

  difarn 14:24 19 Feb 2012

Thanks for the update - fortuitous that you have W7 Pro or above and can run XP mode on the Virtual PC. Hope all goes well.

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