olyman 09:41 01 Dec 2009

I am tired of being asked to "run as administrator". As I am the sole user and the administrator is it possible to get the machine to recognise this fact?

  a member 09:55 01 Dec 2009

most PC setups involve one or more users ,either the only user (1) or the first user that was setup .will be listed as (user) Administrator . this can be a little misleading as although it says Administrator you dont have full adminisrtrator rights . disabling uac can make things go a little smoother but there is no way to avoid having to (run as administrator) with some tasks.
there is a simple method to activate a(true administrator account)depending on what version you have, but this is not advised as it is a less secure option .

  olyman 12:06 01 Dec 2009

One problem with administrator rights is that there is not always a simple option to run as administrator eg greyed out options in some service applications.
I am not too keen on disabling UAK but would be interested in activating a true administrator account.

  a member 13:58 01 Dec 2009

I assume you are running home premium or lower (not ultimate) ultimate uses a different method.
if so click start/all programs/accessories then right click command prompt and select (run as administrator)type in the following exactly as written here (you may copy paste if you like : net users Administrator /active , and press enter.
you should see a (command completed successfully message.
finally you need to check one of the registry entries , so click on START ,and type regedit in the search box at the bottom click enter.
navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] double click on "FilterAdministratorToken", it should be set to 0 .
your now done ,log off and you will see 2 accounts listed ,yours and Administrator . you can log in as full administrator ,you can copy your files from your own account over to this new account and if you choose to . you can delete your old account in control panal /user accounts .
you will have full admin rights , but a slightly less secure system .I use it all the time ,but have been doing so for years .
the choice is yours .you could leave your account intact and just use the new admin account to see if you prefere it first.

  john bunyan 16:34 01 Dec 2009

I hope olyman wont mind me asking if you have a similar solution for W7 Ultimate, as , for example, Malawarebytes always comes of asking if it can communicate with the intenet, and in spite of me putting SAS on the start menu, I have to launch it manually - I had some problems with SAS as when prompted with an update, I was "not allowed" as it needed an Administrator account, and like olyman I am the only user,(Idont use the main admin account, but have full admin rights)

  olyman 17:44 01 Dec 2009

No problem John.
I'll try a new admin account tomorrow after I've considered the effects on documents, pictures etc. and the system backups. It's a pity I didn't think of this action when I first installed Windows7.

  a member 18:08 01 Dec 2009

the problem with full admin is that your computer will be open to abuse from anyone or any program that could potentially get control . however in my veiw with a good antivirus/firewall combination I dont see too much of a problem as , if like me you are an only user , and wish to access your pc as full admin . make sure you set yourself a good secure password once you get it up and running .Administrator mode in Ultimate is actually easier to set up .
no need for command prompt or registry checking .
Go to Control panal/Administration Tools/Local Security Policy you may recieve a prompt from uac to approve ,(do so if nessesary) in the list on the left select "Local Policies" then Security Options.look for ( Administrator account status) (normally at the top of the list).to Enabled.
then look forUser Account Control: Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account (Usually near the bottom of the list, and make sure its disabled . and your done. this disables UAC ,you can reverse this step ,, or not take it. Your now left with a system where you have full Administrator rights .you should not get promted for anything other than system file permissions.

  a member 18:12 01 Dec 2009

by the way ,It would be prudent to leave your original account intact ,just copy what files you need into the new account ,,then if at any time in the future you dicide you dont like the admin Account ,or find it too risky .you can go back to your original with no problems , dont delete the old account until you are sure your happy with the new one.

  jjss 19:06 01 Dec 2009


I've tried the Win7 Ultimate route on Win7 Pro and it worked a treat! Many Thanks. (Now I'm off to password the Admin Account).


  jjss 19:33 01 Dec 2009

For those that are going to down this route you may, as I've just discovered, have to re-install some, not all of your programes. For example Off 2007 was okay but I had to re-install Ccleaner while in the Admin Account. No big deal, just thought I'd share.


  961 18:49 02 Dec 2009


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