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Adding an SSD to MSI Nightblade Mi3?

  Friso Hoogland 16:08 12 Apr 2018

Good afternoon, So recently I bought a pre-built gaming PC (the MSI Nightblade MI3). This comes with 2 built-in HDD totaling at 1TB of storage.

During my use I have noticed that Windows start-up and game loading times take a very long time to complete. This is the main reason why I am considering buying an SSD and putting it inside of my computer.

A couple of question pop up seeing as I have never added/removed any hardware from a PC (aside from the occasional external drive etc.).

First of all, the SSD I had in mind was the Samsung 850 EVO - 500GB. I am pretty sure about the storage size of the SSD but I am not sure if it will be compatible with my system, is there any way to find this out prior the the purchase of this SSD?

Secondly, the Nightblade MI3 is a very small and compact dekstop. Once screwing of the case and taking a look inside of the computer, one side is completely covered by my motherboard and the other has the GPU built on top of all the other hardware, so it seems very had to actually reach any of the hardware to replace it. I cannot seem to find any kind of disassemble guide on any website or forum, are there any tips you guys can give me? (Maybe especially for this system?)

Finally, as previously mentioned, I have pretty much no experience with computer building/upgrading, are there any helpful tips that I should keep in mind? And are there any helpful tips for adding an SSD to a pre-built desktop?

Thanks in advance for all the help, If any further info is needed please ask.

Happy computing!

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