Adding a printer in a Visa wireless laptop

  mammak 21:39 28 Oct 2007

Hi all I wasn't to sure whether to put this in speakers or not as it is not a problem for me but it might just help someone else

I have only owned my new Vista laptop for eight days and I am well impressed with it ( I love Vista)

however the reason for my post is as follows I knew my old printers were not going to work with Vista did my homework regarding that!

so my newly purchased Vista compatible printer once installed in my Main XP machine I then tried on several occasions to add the printer on my wireless Vista laptop having already installed the driver on my Vista laptop no go it would not find it at all

so on the process of giving up I went to my Network places found my XP computer with the printer installed and just clicked on the printers name and within seconds the printer was installed on my Vista laptop and most important was usable and working

the key is don't go to add printer install it through your network

I realise this information might sound lame to the more advanced users on the forum but my aim is maybe to help those who are experiencing Vista for the first time!

  mammak 21:40 28 Oct 2007

lol subject Visa = Vista

  brohdaw 06:29 16 Nov 2007

Okay, my question is just a little different. I had a desktop for the longest time and I also have a wireless with Vista. I had absolutely no problem using my printer connected to my desktop FROM my wireless; I could print anything out from my laptop and it would print out on my desktop. (i know I'm repeating myself but it doesn't sound like I'm getting across what I am meaning to say.) Anyway, my nephew needed a computer and I gave him my desktop; surprisingly I still have my internet connection (I'm not that technical with it comes to 'how things work lol) however, mammack might have been a big help had I not deleted the printer from "Control Panel, Printers" I deleted it thinking maybe I need to reinstall it now that the computer location changed.

My thing, is I know the laptop and the printer are compatible and I know the printer can be wireless but does it HAVE to have a desktop connection? I see the USB to be plugged in but there are not ports on my wireless or my cable modem. The ironic thing is I did not know until yesterday, and I'm not exaggerating, that I could use the printer from my laptop; I finally find out I can and the desktop leaves the next day!!! I kid you not!!!

So ultimately my question is: Can I connect my printer up to my wireless laptop without actually plugging the USB for the printer into my wireless? If so, does this mean just downloading the software?

  Border View 12:36 21 Nov 2007

Might be better for you if you started a separate thread.

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